The allies are essentially our sister wikis. They are wikis that have agreed to share and help between both of us.

Current Allies

FNaF 1-4 Wiki


FNaF: Sister Location Wiki

FNAF World Logo

FNaF World Wiki

FNaF Novel Wiki


Sinister Turmoil Wiki

FNAC Emil Macko

Five Nights at Candy's (Emil Macko) Wiki


  • FNaF 1-4 Wiki

Stable, Confirmed, Partially Active

  • FNaF: Sister Location Wiki

Stable, Confirmed, Active

  • FNaF World Wiki

Stable, Confirmed, Active

  • FNaF Novel Wiki 

Stable, Confirmed, Partially Active

  • Sinister Turmoil Wiki

Stable, Confirmed, Active

  • Five Nights at Candy's (Emil Macko) Wiki

Stable, Confirmed, Active


All the ally breaks from the past allies.

If one of our allies decides to betray and break the Alliance, automatically the Admins and other stuff the said ally traded to us will be deleted, and any sporsorship will be rejected and deleted. To be exact, the ally will be rejected and eliminated from our wikia and possibly our history.

Five Nights at Candy's PT

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