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Lollipop is the final of Mary's toys and is necessary to find to get the forgotten ending and the fourth star on the menu screen. He is hinted towards at the end of the Final Night, hinting that you have to speak to the toys in the Dreamscape to find him in many different minigames, many of which require doing specific things in the other three minigames found in the extras menu, unlocked by finding the game cartridges in the Dreamscape. To have the toys give you hints, when you speak to them in the Dreamscape, when they say, "If you have something to say, say it now," type whereishe on the keyboard.

Racing Minigame

On the first night, speaking to the toy car reveals that you must play the Candy's Adventure Minigame, collect all 100 coins, and then go back and jump above the entrance to the cave, much like to find warp zones in Super Mario Bros. After doing so, you will find Lollipop and he will trigger a racing minigame, where you must beat Lollipop in a race to get the first piece of the star.

Unicorn Minigame

On the second night, the unicorn toy will tell you that you must play the Fishing with Candy minigame and catch the fish in the specific color order of red, red, red, red, green, blue, blue, white, red, white, and then blue. Upon catching the fish in this order, a minigame will immediately be triggered in which you must jump over obstacles spawning in front of Lollipop until he has almost reached the middle of the screen, where you will be rewarded with another piece of the star.

Frogger Minigame

On the third night, the duck toy will tell you to play the Cindy's Garden Minigame and that the holes are ordered 1-4 going from left to right. You must hit them in the order 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4, 1, 2, 4, 2, 3, 3, 1. Upon doing this, a frogger-like minigame will activate, and you must maneuver to the end of the game to acquire the third star piece.

Space Invaders Minigame

On the fourth night, you must find and speak to the robot in the dreamscape and he will tell you to play through the final night again. You can easily do this if, at the beginning of the night, you immediately look under the bed and wait for the night to end. After doing so, you will be met with a Space Invaders Minigame. Simply shoot all of the alines to recieve the fourth piece of the star.

Tea Cup Minigame

On the fifth night, you must speak to the tea pot, and she will hint that you have to find Lollipop on the Thank You screen on the Extras menu. You will see Lollipop's face hidden under The Rat. Click him to initiate a minigame where Lollipop moves left and right across the top of the screen dropping tea. You must prevent the tea from hitting the table for until the song ends to recieve the fifth and final piece of the star.


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