Chester the Chimpanzee is one of the antagonists of Five Nights at Candy's.

While Chester the Chimpanzee doesn't appear in the main gameplay of Five Nights at Candy's 2, he is first seen in the Night 1 Minigame. He is replaced by Withered Chester.

While Chester the Chimpanzee doesn't appear in the main gameplay of Five Nights at Candy's 3, he is seen in the Cindy's Garden Minigame.


FNaC 1

Chester is a chimpanzee animatronic with brown fur and a pair of green overalls. He has olive colored eyes and a peach colored stomach. His upper teeth are half covered, possibly a curled lip. He can also be seen sometimes holding a red guitar.

FNaC 2

Chester appears to be the same as he was in the first game.

FNaC 3

Chester appears to be the same as he was in the first game, but with a cartoonish design.


Chester will become active on Night 2 onwards. He is first hidden behind his curtains in CAM 9 before peeking out and then coming off the stage and onto the floor. He will make his way to the office through CAM 8, 7, and then finally 6 where he will be outside of the player's left door, signified by his glowing white eyes. The player will have a few seconds to react and close the door; otherwise, Chester will get in, which results in his jumpscare followed by a game over.


In the Cindy's Garden minigame, Cindy is trying to stop moles from stealing her flowers. Chester appear in the background, reading a book.

He also shows up in the glitch minigame of Candy's Adventure.


Night 1

Starting from the Secondary Party Room, the player controls Chester to wander around the restaurant to find a golden key sitting in the Office. The first frame upon entering the Office shows the Vinnie standing on the other side of the room, but it immediately disappears.

Entering Parts & Services reveals three posters on the wall showing v2 versions of several animatronics: New Candy and New Cindy have green check marks, while "New Chester" has a red X, likely indicating he is not scheduled for a replacement model, unlike the others.

The key can be used to unlock the large padlock on the door not on the first game's map where The Rat starts from. Walking up to the door after collecting the key will end the minigame.

Night 2

Starting from Parts & Services, the player controls the Penguin to search the restaurant for three broken pieces of Chester: an arm, a leg, and his head after RAT torn him apart.

Chester's former curtained location is now blocked off by a strip of yellow and black caution tape. The player can only collect one piece at a time before returning it to a cardboard box at their starting point.

Blank can be found sitting inactive in the Drawing Room but cannot be interacted with. Returning the third piece of Chester will end the minigame.


  • Chester is analogous to Foxy in that he hides in the curtains, peeks out, and leaves the corner.
    • However, after Chester leaves CAM 9, he acts more like Bonnie, since he will be seen at the left door.
  • In the custom night there was a bug, if one simply stares at Chester while he is at the left door, and moves nowhere else, no other animatronic will move, and Chester will not attack, allowing the player to win. However this bug was fixed in the latest update.