The clock is an important mechanic in FNaC 12 and 3. It's helpful for the player to know what the time is in the current night.

55 007

FNaC 2 clock.

55 008

FNaC 1 clock

The night ends when it is 6 AM.

FNaC 1 shows a cutscene with Vinnie/Reverse Puppet.

FNaC 2 has a minigame before the next night.

In FNaC 3 there's another minigame, however this time, it involves Mary playing with the Rat and Cat

Time to wake up!

FNaC 3 clock (6 AM)

6-00 o'clock!!!

FNaC 1 Clock(6 AM)

6-00 o'clock!!! 2

Clock show its 6:00