Drawing Room is a location in Candy's Burgers & Fries. This is Blank's starting location and goes through four stages here: Sleeping, looking at the camera, standing up, and finally missing (in which he's on his way to smash in the window).


At the left side of the room, you can see railings where Blank leans on and a bulletin board where kid's drawings are hung up for display. There are also multi-colored stars hanging on the ceiling, similar to Cam 01. In the right corner of the room, there are two more bulletin boards and a red table with a bucket of crayons on it. The walls are half green and half baby blue, and the floors are covered in black and white tiles, just like the rest of the restaurant.

Easter Eggs

Clicking on the Markiplier Warfstache drawing on the wall will make Emil Macko's Markiplier Animatronic appear on the computer in front of the player, saying, "I am the King of Five Nights At Freddy's!".