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It Looks Like That Candy Is Standing At The End of The Hallway

And At The end of The Video

Candy Looks At The Camera

An Aricle From Emil Macko:

Hey everyone!

If you don't know, I released a puzzle for the community to solve back in June that lead to this video. Most of you immediately knew what it was about, but there were others that questioned whether it even was FNAF related or if it had to do with something else. So I've decided that I wanted to make this post to bring some more info on the game and quickly confirm your suspicions;

Yes, that is Candy in the video.

And yes, this is a new FNAC game.

I know that this is a thing that has been on a lot of people's wish lists ever since FNAC 3, but the main reason I haven't teased or even announced the game properly up until this point, was because I was afraid to turn this into another FNAC 3 situation.

FNAC 3 took over a year to complete. And with the way I handled everything, that year probably felt a lot longer than it had to for many of you. Back then I didn't have that clear a picture of where my limits were laid out. And to top it off, FNAC 3 was the big finish that I did not under any circumstances want to rush. The game went through a lot of changes, and I found myself stuck in the development a lot of the time. That's why it took so long to make FNAC 3 (other than the fact that it was a pretty big game). That is also why this new game has existed in secrecy. It was a safety net for me in the case that I ever wanted or needed to cancel it, and that has always been my biggest fear, having to cancel a game that I myself got everyone all hyped about.

In the beginning I wasn't even sure whether this game would become anything. But now practically everything has been planned out, I’m far into development, and I'm more excited than ever to be working on it.

So why am I STILL doing this? Deciding to make another game in a franchise I swore was finished, again?

It's a similar situation as back when I decided to make FNAC 2 and 3. Back then I thought I didn't have any more ideas for mechanics and all that. Of course with the newer FNAF games like FNAF 4 and Sister Location I managed to get inspired anew. And that's what kept getting me to continue.

So this time I started playing with some ideas around Sister Location, and I realized what it "did wrong" (or just what I expected when I played it for the first time). It had a lot of variation, but the game was still just about as linear as the previous FNAF games. The only exception was how it was possible to go back into the circus gallery on the third night, though all this yielded was a story from Baby before you were put back on track.

Anyway... I've stated this before, but I consider FNAC 1 a fangame of FNAF 1-2, FNAC 2 a fangame of FNAF 2-3, and FNAC 3 a fangame of FNAF 3-4. And by that I mean that these games borrow elements from the FNAF games, and are aligned with them in a sort of parallel way. So with that (and the puzzle video) it's probably no surprise that this game will be a fangame of Sister Location.

Now this doesn't mean the game will be a carbon copy of SL, like FNAC 1 kind of was with FNAF 2. I like to believe the FNAC series has deviated more and more from being clone of the FNAF series with each game. And this game will definitely follow that pattern.

So what is this game?

I'm not planning on revealing everything yet. I won't be posting any teasers or anything like that either. This game doesn't need it. And as a player you'd be better off without any spoilers, so everything like premise, characters, and gameplay will only be revealed when I release a trailer.

What I can reveal are a couple of hopefully interesting things:

  • This game is made in Clickteam, and it is free roam. I'd dare state that this is about as much free roam you'd be able to get using the Clickteam engine, without resorting to full 3D like in the Unreal or Unity engine.
  • All 3D renders in the game are rendered with Cycles, so everything will look a lot better than any of the previous FNAC games.
  • This game was complex to design. That seems a bit vague to state, but let's just say that the game isn't as linear as any of the previous FNAC games. I've tried my best to make replayability a key part of the game's base. So I hope any dedicated players will want to play the game more than once, and maybe go on a bit of a discovery.

Among all of this, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into everything, and learned a lot of new and advanced stuff in order to push Clickteam to its limits. Since FNAC 3 I’ve been developing my own shaders in Clickteam, in order to produce effects such as the red/black overlap on the giant “3” on FNAC 3’s menu, or the up-scaling + CRT shader for the minigames. For this game I’ve created a total of 15 different shaders (so far), and one of them even replaces the Perspective Object!

I've been working on this game since around December/January, and it's difficult to say how much there's left. Just know that the game won't be out in a few days, weeks, or maybe even months. (And there WON’T be a demo, sorry!)

Even though working on this game has been more fun than it ever was to work on any of the previous games, development will never run on completely smooth rails. There's a multitude of things that can happen to slow development. Most of them happen because I have a life to live besides working on games. But sometimes I also just happen to tire out completely, and enter a short phase where any work I force myself to do will end up being sloppy.

Even if the extreme circumstances should take place, where the game wouldn't be done for a whole YEAR from now, just know that it won't be cancelled.

This game is a challenge for me and a promise to you all.

… And remember when I said no teasers? I think I’ll look past that just this one time. ()

(This is real I didn't Write it Proof: )


This is a Teaser Image for FnaC SL:

It Looks Like That It's Candy

That's It For Now