Main Hall 2 is a location in Five Nights at Candy's close to Main Hall 1, Main Hall 3, and Entrance Hall. It is the camera just before the right door. Cindy, Candy, The Penguin and The Rat appear in this camera before appearing at the Right Door.


In the corner of the camera, you can see chairs stacked on top of tables, signifying that it's night. The doors to the restrooms are on this camera. Candy's face is on the door to the men's restroom and the one with Cindy on it is the women's restroom. Candy's face is blue, while Cindy's face is pink. There's also two posters on the walls, one with Candy saying "sing," and one with Cindy saying "dance." The floor and parts of the walls are checkered black and white like in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.  Above the restroom doors is a star chain, similar to the Main Stage, with the colors red, orange, green, and blue. There are also purple specks on the walls.


  • The "sing" and "dance" posters sometimes change into messages written in thick, black ink. They appear to be painted onto wood that is red.
    • The message reads "You fell asleep" and "It is your fault."