Monster Cat (formerly known as "Nightmare Cat") is a monstrous counterpart of The Cat that appears in Five Nights at Candy's 3 as one of two main antagonists.


Unlike his original counterpart, Monster Cat is a living creature and perfectly undamaged. His body bears many similarities to Monster Rat as well. Monster Cat appears to sport long whiskers. His mouth is filled with razor-sharp teeth with two larger ones.

His bloody-red eyes are similar to Monster RAT's, but his pupils are side-way slits like that of a stereotypical cat. His ears look similar to his original counterpart's but resembles more of a real-life cat. He possess a long, cat-like tail.


Monster Cat appears on Night 3 after playing his hide n' seek game in the Night 2 minigame. Just like Nightmare Freddy/Foxy (FNaF 4) and The Thing (FNaR). He will appear from either the very right or very left side of the bed, if not checked on, he will get a little closer (crawl onto the bed). if not checked at this state, Monster Cat will Jumpscare the player when they look under the bed to check on Monster Rat, and ending the night.


  • Strangely enough, he never appears in the trailer, despite his possible importance in the game. Only Monster Rat and Lollipop appears throughout the whole trailer.
    • Because of this fact, when the trailer was released, many believed that Monster Rat was going to be the only monster animatronic in the game. It turned out to be false.
      • Emil Macko on reddit stated, he does have another Monster Animatronic design for later use, which was revealed to be Monster Vinnie after the game was released..
  • On Reddit, Emil Ace Macko had said he changed to names of Nightmare Rat and Nightmare Cat to Monster Rat and Monster Cat for two reasons: One they are not meant to be animatronics and two, they're meant to be living creatures.
    • Starting from 2016-11-25, Nightmare Cat's name has officially been changed to "Monster Cat"
  • It is revealed that Cat was the first incarnation of Candy. This was confirmed in the minigame after Night 5 of Five Nights at Candy's 3
  • Looking in the game files, it appears that Monster Cat was originally going to enter the room and hide in the dresser, the door, and the closet.
    • Unfortunately, this was unused for the game and only Monster Rat can hide and enter the room

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