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Were you looking for Candy? or his old version? Or perhaps for Monster Rat or Monster Cat?

Nightmare Candy is one of the animatronics in the old FNaC "Thank You" image.


Unlike his original counterpart, Nightmare Candy is damaged and bears many similarities with Monster Rat and Monster Cat.


Nightmare Candy was never used in the FNaC saga, due to how the character never fit into the story, nor with the other animatronics. He was considered to be added in FNAC 3, but was never implemented in the game. If was added to FNaC 3, he would have been renamed to Monster Candy.


  • On Reddit, Emil Ace Macko stated that he had one more Monster Animatronic design for later use. It was later revealed that the "one more Monster Animatronic" Emil was alluding to was that of "Monster Vinnie."
  • He, along with Funtime Candy, Funtime Cindy, Phantom Candy, Old Markiplier Animatronic, One-Eyed Penguin, and Fixed Old Candy never made an appearance in any of the games.
  • Nightmare Candy was considered to be added in FNaC 3, but was never implemented due to how the character didn't fit with the story of the game.
    • If he was, he would be renamed to "Monster Candy".
  • Nightmare Candy only appeared in the "Thank You!" Image of FNaC 1, and the "Second Anniversary of Candy the Cat!" Photos.