Rules are the basic rules used to keep the wikia good.

Here is the basic list of rules.

Basic Rules

  1. All images non-related to Five Nights at Candy's need to be published in Imgur or other image-posting website.
  2. This is a clean wikia. No Fan-made Pages about OC's or others things.
  3. Please respect everyone. No one likes people who don't respect others.
  4. Vandalism is NOT allowed.
  5. Any content about The Return to Freddy's classic will be deleted. FNAC Have NOTHING to do with The Return to Freddy's. [Author will be investigated.]
  6. Any misleading content will be immediately deleted and the author of said content will be warned.
  7. NEVER comment with inappropriate words, or spam; otherwise, said author will take a warning, and the comment will be deleted.
  8. NEVER post nudes images in a page/forum/blog etc.
  9. NEVER post real life information about you or any other person.
  10. You are expected to follow all the "Temporal Rules." That's why you need to read the news.
  11. NEVER delete a whole page of contents without an admin's permission.
  12. In any situation, if no one mentions names, please don't mention names. This is a violation of breach of privacy. Respect the privacy of others.
  13. NEVER rename pages.
  14. No sockpuppetry. This is a gross violation of wiki rules.
  15. No impersonation. Impersonators will be warned to change their information or else be banned indefinitely.
  16. Do NOT act as an administrator/moderator if you are NOT an administrator/moderator. Violators will be sentenced to an indefinite ban.
  17. Please do not advertise or ask for donations. This wiki is purely for information, not a place to donate.

Page Editing Rules

  1. All Content with any bad words/misleading content will be immediately deleted.
  2. Do not post fakes images; the images will be deleted and the user will be warned.

[These rules will and are being build.]