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The SaSS error is an error that's caused when Withered Rat or Withered Penguin look at camera to crash the SaSS (Security and Surveillance System). This happens when they appear as a close up feed of the camera and can only be avoided by swiftly changing cameras.

If the player is too slow, SaSS will crash, preventing the player from using the cameras and the phones for a few seconds, as the SaSS reboots. Once the SaSS has rebooted, the player will be able to continue playing normally, though as long as it's defunct, they are basically defenseless against any animatronic.

Especially on later nights, Withered Chester and Withered Cat will become major threats, if this happens.

How to avoid this error

  1. Switch the camera quickly
  2. Put the tablet back down and look into Central Hall
  3. On Nights 6, 7, and 8, Withered Rat and Withered Penguin might get very difficult to avoid, due to their speedy movements, outspeeding slower or inexperienced players


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