Shadow CAT is the shadowy form of the Monster Cat. Shadow CAT first appears on the pre-night cutscene of Night 3, and is only seen through their jumpscare when the player stands in the darkness too long. Shadow CAT does not appear in the "Shadow Challenge."


Shadow CAT, much like Shadow RAT, shares most of its features from The CAT from FNaC 2, with a stitched forehead and hollow eye sockets. The Shadow CAT also shares its appearance with the Monster CAT of FNaC 3, mainly with their sharpened teeth and fangs, which weren't present in the original CAT from FNaC 2.


Shadow CAT can only be found in the Dreamscape on Nights 3, 4, and 5. Shadow CAT's only visual depiction is their jumpscare. The Shadow CAT has a set timer that appears above the screen. Every second the player steps beyond the "light path," the timer starts to count down. Once the timer reaches zero, the Shadow CAT attacks you and the player restarts at the beginning of the Deepscape.

Despite being as present as Shadow RAT, the Shadow CAT does not appear in the "Shadow Challenge," and does not have a 3-D model of their own.


  • Shadow CAT has his first and only appearance in FNaC 3.
  • Shadow CAT takes most of their appearance from the Monster CAT of FNaC 3, and "The CAT" of FNaC 2.
  • Shadow CAT does not have a visible sprite in the Deepscape. He is only seen through their jumpscare.
  • Even though Shadow CAT is just as important a character as Shadow RAT, Shadow CAT doesn't appear in the "Shadow Challenge."
  • Shadow CAT has no visible relations to Shadow Candy of FNaC 2. However Emil Macko has stated that Shadow Candy is the CAT's soul, in his noncorporeal out-of-animatronic form. He started off as a Shadow CAT, but by the first game, he had evolved into what he is now.