The Puppeteer is an all-new character introduced in FNAC 3. He is one of the actors at "The Rat and Cat Theater." He can only be found on the Night 3 and Night 5 post-night cutscenes.


The Puppeteer has makeup and clothes in a similar style to that of Vinnie the Puppet. He is said to be the one who controls Vinnie on-stage, either by string or by inner-hand movement.


The Puppeteer is revealed to be the killer of the entertainers wearing the RAT and CAT suits, depicted during the fifth night of FNAC 3. The Puppeteer inadvertently kills the RAT mascot after an altercation regarding the employee's drunkenness at work. Grappling, the employee manages to break free, only to hit his head on the table holding Vinnie the Puppet. Afterwards, the CAT mascot enters the room, discovers the body, and attempts to call the police. However, The Puppeteer kills the CAT mascot to ensure that his crime will go unnoticed. The Puppeteer then lies to the police, puts his entertainer diploma away, and leaves. Unbeknownst to everyone else, the entire incident is overheard by Mary Schmidt.Mary went to therapy and evetually told the truth that the Puppeteer was arrested for his crimes and it is heavily impiled that he died in prison. It's also shown that his spirit possesses Vinnie from the first two games.


  • The Puppeteer's first and only appearance is in the cutscenes of FNAC 3. He is also personified in the monster of Night 6, Monster Vinnie. However in the first two games, he was possessing Vinnie after getting caught and dying in prison.
  • The incident that unfolds on Night 5, involving the Puppeteer and the other mascots, was alluded to in various newspaper articles found in the Deepscape of Night 5. These newspaper clippings, however, depict the incident as the Puppeteer told the police, not what actually happened. In Night 6 however it's shown that Mary told the truth he was caught and put in jail where it is implied that he died and possesses Vinnie in the first two games.