I love Scott Cawthon not Emil Macko. I bet he's trying to compete Fnac with Fnaf. Ha! Emil Macko the monkey can't take away my Scott Cawthon. HA! Emil Macko is not even close. Scott Cawthon is so intelligent, he wrote books. Is Emil doing any intelligent in his life ? no..all he does is goof around the internet wasting his potential talking about games instead of looking for a job. Wow, and his only 20 years old, almost 21. I wonder what's going to happen to him when he turns 40 ? Well, it's none of my business. Life is going to be hard for him. Emil is such a magnificent artist, but he's wasting that good gift doing crap. Ha! He should be facing the world, instead he just sitting in the house bragging about games. Once again, his childhood is over now. Work is more important than games. Question: Emil, If you're not making money of these fan games why couldn't you stop ? I swear this generation of children who are starting their adulthood are not functioned properly. good luck, Emil. You can't work for the government apply for a job saying slangs like " LMAO " and " :P) " on the paper or texting your boss why you're late. You're an adult now. QUIT THAT CHILDLISH BEHAVIOR!

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