• Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Why does monster Cat look like he's dancing? A: Even monsters need a good jig! Q:Is RAT right handed? A:Yup, and I have something to prove it!A: nah.... if his fist is curled up that means attack so he's really left-handed. But, NO!!! Rat right! left! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! Nah.... I think he doesn't have a preference. Q:Can you get the Penguin out of the office when he's in it? A:Sure, throw a sardine in a hallway, then close the door, but only after pengu gets out, wait, that's one sardine, and you have a can of it, so pengu will still go for you, SO JUST THROW THE SARDINES AND CAN IN HALLWAY! Q:How tall is Candy? A: four feet at most. Q:Why does Monster Cat have a brown highlight around his lips sometimes? A: He loves chocolate milk,…

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