The Penguin, or Withered Penguin, is a glitch animatronic in Five Nights at Candy's 2. Unlike the other animatronics, he doesn't kill you, but forces you to restart your camera monitor instead, leaving you open to attack for several seconds.


The Penguin is a broken penguin animatronic. He is missing his suit, eyes, and beak. He has a red, damaged bow-tie missing the left half of the bow. The top of his head is broken, mostly on the left side, revealing his endoskeleton. He appears to be in a tuxedo. The rest of the body doesn't appears to be too damaged.


Starting on Night 3, Withered Penguin will occasionally appear in a camera, taking up the whole screen. If the player doesn't change cameras quickly enough, he disables the camera monitor and forces them to restart it. This leaves the player vulnerable to the other animatronics for several seconds, particularly Withered Chester if he was already banging on a vent. As the nights proceed, the time the player has to safely click away steadily decreases. His role is taken over by Withered Rat on Nights 6 and 8.


  • Withered Penguin first appeared in the fourth teaser, in the same pose as his ingame pose. Brightening the teaser revealed he was transparent, having one of the rooms behind him.
  • The Penguin has a tear above his left eye in the minigame where he appears, meaning he was already broken at the time.
  • His behavior is very similar to Phantom BB in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, in which he doesn't kill you, but holds you back from keeping away the other animatronics for a short period of the time (unless the camera is quickly closed, which is, once again, very similar to Phantom BB). The way he appears up close to the camera is especially similar to how Phantom BB is seen on camera before inconveniencing the player.
  • The Withered Penguin and his FNAC 1 variant don't have a jumpscare, instead they do something to mess with the main mechanic.